The First Whiteboard Animation on Earth: a Doodle Video History

by doo

Whiteboard animation is a perfect web-marketing tool to increase conversion rates. So, who was the genius who made it first? Who became the industry STAR who made tons of cash by using this tool before all the others?

We will return to the history part later in this post.

What is doodle video TODAY?

To get an idea we suggest you watch any presentation on this page below. We believe that it’s better to see it once than to read a long boring Wiki description a hundred times.

Many people say about this type of advertizing: “It’s an innovative way to attract your customers!” or “It’s a NEW online marketing tool for small or middle businesses.” Well, comments like these are not relevant in 2014-2015. It’s been a long time since drawn animations were “innovative” or a “new tool for a small business.”

These days, a majority of online companies do advanced web-marketing through whiteboard animation that helps them get more inbound calls, registrations, or online sales. From a local roofing business, to an international airline company, to The Wall Street Journal and even Obama’s web site! The latter example, in our professional opinion, is not that well-executed. However, the ad’s scenario is well thought out, and the script is still strong enough to make you want to watch it until the end. Take a look and form your own opinion:

Who made it first?

It’s probably impossible to find out a 100% correct answer, because the real first “inventor” of the technique lived way back in the caveman era when drawn images were done on rocks or stone slates! As we imagine what that scenario might have looked like, we envision that he tried to explain his offer to his potential wife by promising some positive outcomes through their united futures. Like we said, during this time of doodle history, it was more of a grey stone slab with crude pictures. And most likely, the whole animation process took place in the future wife’s imagination.

Flashing forward in time, let’s get more serious about WHO invented these ingenious cartoon business presentations that we know today. According to our research results, one of the earliest recognized inventors in the field was Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris, who worked on a UPS campaign with Andy Azula, an advertising creative director who stars in the video below.

Looks really simple, right? It worked for UPS really well! So, it you could say that Mr. Morris and Mr. Azula were the big influencers on the industry. In this market, both men can been seen as an “Amerigo Vespucci” type of character. They definitely had better PR than Christopher Columbus. If Columbus had been as good at PR and geography as he had been at exploring, two continents on Earth would have been called Columbia or Christophorica instead of America (repeating Mr. Vespucci’s name). So, the first real whiteboard videomaker is probably known, but definitely not well-known enough.

Did YOU ever see a doodle presentation before YouTube was created?

If so, you actually can call yourself a witness. Some people can even see themselves as an inventor of a blackboard animation (especially if you’re older that 15)! How come? Well, do you remember that day at school when somebody “animated” your school friend or teacher’s character on the blackboard, making it look ugly and funny? There you go. The process of drawing those funny pictures was your first experience of watching doodle animation.

The only thing WE did was we improved your old school memories through a presentation like that of Mr. Azula. Nowadays, through technology and access to artists all around the world, we can make a real business cartoon on a much smaller budget than DreamWorks’s productions.

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