Is an Explainer Video a Good Alternative to a “Talking Head Presentation”?

by doo

There are several ways to deliver information about your company or product to potential clients and explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to do so. In fact, in recent years, many entrepreneurs began making presentations of themselves, and the now popular “talking head videos” were born. Let’s take a closer look at whether this type of product is a good way to communicate your particular message.Here is an amazing example of a “talking head” video you might like (especially if you watch the TV show, “Breaking Bad.”):

This is a well done “talking head presentation” that quickly and effectively communicates the message of Saul’s legal business. Why?

  • The length is ideal and the animation is perfectly executed.
  • The speaker is charismatic and convincing. The video makes it obvious that he is a professional that will sue the pants of your dog.
  • Saul’s diction is great (it is easy to note that this is not the first time he talks in front of a camera).
  • The guy is one damn good salesman!

Is there someone with a similar skill-set among the management team in your business? Well, then go ahead and use that person to create a series of powerful explainer videos about your products and services. Animation will be the easiest part of the presentation. Finding a good animator is a task that only requires half an hour of your time if you have an internet access and a bit of money on your credit card.

But what if you, or your staff, are not amazing public speakers? Honestly, how many people can talk and sell the way Saul does? Very few. I’ve done over 500 public speeches in my lifetime and have worked over 8 years in sales and marketing. I’m used to people coming up to me after an event and telling me they liked my speech and how I did it. But man, I do not look or sound nearly that amazing trying to sell something in front of a camera…

You might be a good presenter or salesperson, but don’t get delusional about your public speaking skills. Otherwise, you could end up having a good website with extremely boring sales video that will scare away all of your web-visitors. How can you overcome all of the obstacles involved in creating an average web-based sales presentation? There has to be a better way!

What is the alternative to the “talking head” presentation?

Well, I’m sure you know the answer. Of course, it’s a good explainer video. Using one, you can communicate almost any message you want and deliver any point you like, whether it’s a description of the problem your product solves or a quantum physics theory.

The beauty of animated explainer videos is that you can do anything without involving yourself or hiring an expensive speaker. Do you need charisma in your presentation? A professional voice-over artist will bring that, PLUS you can be totally sure his or her diction will be perfect.

So you’re really good at providing services, but you aren’t the best salesman? Well, hiring a decent marketer who will develop a 150-300 words script isn’t that expensive. The most expensive marketer I’ve hired so far was a New York based blogger (who was also a part-time owner of a 7 figure business), who charged me $400 for developing a short script with 259 words. Usually, the price for this type of service is only $100 – $200.

Consider this too: persuasive words and your beautiful face won’t always be enough to convince a client that your solution to their problem is the best solution. Let’s say you offer the services of an offshore employee, who can manage inbound phone calls during US night hours. You have to show a map of Philippines, for example. Then you need to explain that the local people can speak perfect English, with little to no accent in order to ensure that customers will be understood and treated properly. How can you explain all that in just 8 seconds??? Here is how we’ve done that for (see the 2nd slide):

“Are you saying an explainer video is the best way to communicate a sales message?”

Yes and no.

If you are an amazing presenter, with a decent amount of public speaking experience and a deep knowledge of how to work in front of a camera – then go ahead and give your audience a charismatic “talking head” presentation, persuading them to buy your products. BTW, remember to revise your speech around sixty times like Steve Jobs did before each presentation of Apple products.

If you aren’t sure you have the right skill-set to make a killer “talking head” presentation – then you should definitely consider using explainer videos.

Now, YOU tell me: Which type of video presentation is the best for your business?

Eugene Baz
CEO of

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