How we make it

it's a picture of a notebook with a marked checkboxes1You can reach us through phone (1-408-890-6355), Skype (va-vilon), or email (need [at] We will then discuss your expectations for your explainer video and give you our recommendations. This consultation is completely free. You will have direct access to our wealth of web marketing experience at no cost. Contact us today and see how beneficial our services can be to your business!

Explainer videos scenario drafting2We collaborate with you to create a scenario that sells. With our web marketing savvy — and your great expertise in your field, we combine our strengths to make a highly effective sales video for your business. Do you already have a well thought-out idea you want to see take shape? Share it with us, and you will get a discount!

Storyboards for whiteboard animated videos3We develop the visual part of your scenario to communicate your message better. Then, we present you with up to ten illustration styles for you to choose from. The chosen artist will draw all your pictures from scratch, making your presentation totally customized, personal, and unique. During this process, you can still request small changes as we perfect the look of your video.

A picture of a microphone that is used for voicing-over at Doodle Video Production dot com Studio4We record voice-over samples after you approve the scenario (narration is usually done in conjunction with the storyboard). We manage these voice-over auditions and forward the best candidates to you for a listen. Once you select your narrator and approve the final storyboard and script, we record the full version of the professional voice-over with the chosen narrator.

Picture of a whiteboard doodle animation process5Our animators bring LIFE to your pictures and voice-over. It is probably the most interesting and complicated part of whiteboard video creation. This is where we especially excel. We add visual effects, make your characters move, incorporate sound effects and even music. We know the secret magic tricks to make future customers appear on your sales page, as they are enchanted with your doodle video.

A handshake after accomlishing whiteboard video project for a business6Your super marketing product is almost ready! At this stage you still can make minor changes to your future selling machine. You give us feedback, and we do everything possible to give you the best final result. Simple as that.

A video launch process when a doodle video is done7You launch your sales-machine, and we help the world find it! After final payment you get your product in HD quality. We can give you suggestions for SEO (search engine optimization) as well as web marketing campaigns. Our bloggers are also happy to write an article about our partnership and your business in order to share it with our followers.