About us

Why we do what we do

We believe we simplify the world of internet shopping. We do this by making explainer videos that are easy to understand and fun to watch.

What problem do we solve?

Customers often look for solutions to their problems online. But they spend too much valuable time reading through product descriptions. They want the process to be as easy as possible! That is why they leave most web sites in less than 8 seconds.

Your visitors want to save more of something they cannot buy back… their time.

At Doodle Video Production, we create custom explainer videos that communicate benefits of your product and/or your company in the most efficient way. We do it in a way that your business proposition becomes very different from the crowd. In just a few seconds, we help your customers understand the reasons to buy your service or product.

What are the benefits?

A video on your commercial web site helps increase your conversion rate. It also saves time for your web site visitors who are looking to solve their problems quickly. Eventually, more saved time gives people more opportunities to have fun in this world. Is your company doing all it can to encourage easy engagement from visitors to your web site?

A reason to believe

Our videos grab the attention of your visitor and increase engagement up to 400%! Our animated videos hold viewer interest and get it to the next step toward a sale.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are entrepreneurs who want to blast away their competition through great internet marketing. If you are the one – you have come to right place.